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    Question: How much protein can be absorbed at one time?

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    The biggest protein myth is that you can only digest 30 grams of protein at one time. Find out what's wrong with this belief and just how much protein you need. This is a common question. I also get variations such as, how much protein can you digest at one time?
    There are two ways to answer this, because there really two questions being asked.

    • How much protein can the digestive system physically absorb into the bloodstream from a meal?


    • How much protein can you body actually utilize?

    The answers...

    • About 95% and higher, unless you have some type of digestive system malfunction.

    So if you get convinced by supplement companies to drink a 42g protein shake in 5 minutes, you'll still probably absorb at 38 or more grams of that protein.
    Your muscle growth is not limited by the amount of protein you can DIGEST or ABSORB.
    Your muscle growth IS LIMITED by the amount of protein that your body can utilize for protein synthesis.

    So the answer to #2...

    • A lot less than you think.

    You really don't need 40, or 30, or probably even 20g of protein per meal to keep your protein synthesis humming along. Any protein that your body can't use for growth will be shuttled into a process where it is broken down (de-aminated: meaning the nitrogen is removed from the molecule and it becomes a carbon skeleton) to be used in energy pathways.
    Now, there are benefits for eating extra protein (in my opinion) when dieting, mainly that it helps to suppress appetite.

    But the bottom line to the question I am asked almost everyday is...

    A. Your body can digest and absorb almost all of the protein you eat without problem.

    B. Your muscles can only do so much with protein...the muscle growth process is RARELY, if ever limited by the amount of protein we consume. Almost all of us can easily get enough protein for maximum muscle growth without the need for eating 50g of protein 6 times per day. Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and Gunter Schlerkcamp excluded, of course.

    Overall, I'd think twice about the need to slam down a 40-50g protein shake 3 times per day... Just think of the children and puppies you'll save by not gassing them out with protein farts.

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    • Guest (Max)

      I don\'t catch really well your meaning, if we don\'t need more then 20 grams of protein per meal .At the same time someone who weight 90kg needs 200g of protein per day, needs more then 20g of proteine per meal?

      Thank you in advance.

    • Guest (andrew)

      im a bit confused about the amount of protein i should be having per day. i weigh 83kg. this article says not to have more then 20g per meal and another article on this site suggests something different. could you send me a sample of your diet and how much you weigh so i can work off that? btw love the website finally a source i can trust. thanks

    • Guest (Thierry)

      Allright so i guess you\'re trying to say its better to take more servings with less protein as long as you meet your \"standards\", how much hours does it actually take for your body to absorb the protein and consume another shake?

    • Guest (Whey Protien Isolate)

      According to me not more than 45gm whey protein isolate per day because more than this will harmful for your health. It is enough for you for a day because your body doesn\'t contain more than it.

    • Guest (Jules)

      It really depends on how much you weigh. The recommended dietary intake of protein for average sedentary adults is 0.85 g /kg of body weight. Strength/power athletes usually require between 1.4-2.0 g/kg of body weight. At intakes of >2.0 g/kg protein is used for fuel or converted and stored as fat. Hence someone who weighs 90 kg should ideally consume 180g of protein per day and this equates to about 30 g of protein per meal assuming 3 meals and 3 snacks.

    • Guest (Travis Unden)

      This is an exact quote from the article (on this site) that answers the question \"How much protein can be absorbed at one time?\"

      -You really don\'t need 40, or 30, or probably even 20g of protein per meal to keep your protein synthesis humming along. Any protein that your body can\'t use for growth will be shuttled into a process where it is broken down (de-aminated: meaning the nitrogen is removed from the molecule and it becomes a carbon skeleton) to be used in energy pathways.
      Now, there are benefits for eating extra protein (in my opinion) when dieting, mainly that it helps to suppress appetite.-

      This is a quote from the article answering the question \"What is whey protein and why should I use it?\"

      -The total amount of protein from all sources you should take each day is between 1 and 1.5 g of protein per pound of body weight. This means a 200 pound bodybuilder, should be consuming 200 to 300 g of protein each day. This amount should be divided up into at least 5 or 6 feedings. At least two or three of these feedings should consist of protein from animal sources such as beef, seafood, poultry and dairy products. The remaining feedings can consist of protein shakes made with whey protein. If your goal is in the middle of the range, and each feeding should consist of 40 to 50 g of protein. Most whey protein supplements in powder form provide 20 to 24 g of protein per serving. Most whey protein supplements also come with a scoop that is equal to one serving, therefore, each shake should consist of two scoops of whey protein.-

      So my question is, which one is correct? Should I consume 40-50 grams of protein per meal?... or not?

    • Guest (abc)

      Alright, so lets say I am 82kg, according to my nutrition textbook I should be consuming aprroximately 1.6-1.7 g/kg/day.Endurance athletes need less 1.2-1.6. For myself, I should be consuming about 130g per day. Now because your body can only consume about 15g at max per sitting, the body digests a protein shake in about 1.5 hrs. Consuming anything more than 15g in a shake will be excreted as waste or be converted to glucose, which can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Now, lets say I am awake for 14 out of the 24 hours. that gives me about 9 opportunities to get that 15g per sitting maximal protein intake. That's if I take it exactly on time, every 1.5 hrs. I probably wont do that so lets narrow it down to about 7 opportunites. So seven times a day, I will drink a protein shake containing about 15g of protein. That leaves my daily intake at about 135g. Damn, that alot of work! But according to the facts, thats the best way to remain at a positive protein balance in the body. Remember, in order for your body to use these proteins to build muscle, and not as a fuel source, you must have adequete carbohydrate consumption (45-65% of total calories in a day). If there is not adequete glucose readily available for the body, protein will be converted to glucose to use. So, be weary. Now, understand that this is for whey protein isolate shakes. Proteins coming from food sources are another story! Proteins are digested in the stomach and duodenum, at a 90% rate of absorption. Other 10% is excreted. This proteins can be available for up to 10 hours! This changes the ball game hey! So, say you eat 20g of food protein in a sitting 3 times per day (60g of daily intake). That leaves you with 70g (in my case) During the day youve timed you meals well, and you are absorbing about 3g an hour. There goes 4.5g of your 1.5 hr protein digestion. Now your down to only needing 10g protein per shake. This means you'll need 6 of 10g protein shakes, plus 3 meals of 20g protein, evenly spaced throughout the day. (2 protein shakes to one meal) Leave atleast 1.5 hrs between. This would probably be a good meal scheme- M-P-workout-P-M-P-P-M-P-workout-P. This accounts for 10 hours between workouts. This would be for a body builder going into competition. For us just doing workouts once per day, Prefer to schedule it between the 2 protein shakes after the 2nd meal. It would look like this M-P-P-M-P-intense 1.5hr workout-P-M-P-P. Those can be played around with depending on how long your awake for. (I usually sleep around 10hrs) :) P.S. I didn't just come up with this. Its from research and textboks. Im a scholar in exercise science.

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