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    What the hell are 'French Curls'?

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    Q: What makes French curls so "indispensable" to triceps workouts?


    French curls, technically known as triceps extensions, are the best movement ever devised for maximizing the combined effects of mass building and isolation in the triceps complex. Other classic exercises for tris carry an either/or limitation: They're either great mass builders or superb isolators, but not both.


    Close-grip benches are the best exercise for building overall mass in the complete triceps muscle group, but when it comes to separating and defining the triceps heads, a close grip is of little value because bench presses are a compound movement that involves your shoulders and pecs as well.

    Conversely, strict isolation exercises--such as one-arm extensions, kickbacks and cable pushdowns--enable you to develop specific muscle heads, but do not build overall triceps mass.

    French curls combine the best of both worlds. As a two-arm movement, utilizing a cambered bar or a barbell, they employ the overall mass-building principle of basic free weights and, since you are pressing the bar overhead by bending only at your elbows, your triceps alone are involved--which means all of your power is focused into the three heads of each triceps.


    I prefer to do my French curls while seated, with my back braced. This gives me enough stability to handle enormous weight, yet allows me to focus all of that weight into my triceps muscles themselves.

    The seatback can be inclined slightly. I make sure my entire back is flush against the pad. You may use a straight or a cambered bar. In either case, keep your elbows pointed upward, alongside your head; do not allow them to tilt forward or backward during the exercise. The only movement should be in your elbows, never in your shoulders. Your grip can be either thumbs over or thumbs under, whichever is more comfortable.

    Start the movement at full extension overhead, but make sure you tighten as you lower the bar to the back of your head, feeling your triceps compress as you go. At the bottom, they should feel drum tight. Important: Do not relax at this point.

    Now, reverse the movement by focusing only on contracting your triceps muscles to press the bar back to arms' length overhead. Get a peak contraction in your triceps at the top by crimping out an extra squeeze when they're under full stress.

    Remember: Tighten as you lower the bar, and gradually feed in the power as you press it back to the top.


    I use alternating workouts for each bodypart, so that consecutive workouts for that bodypart are composed of different exercises, for different effects on the muscle group. For triceps, however, French curls are so important that I include them in every triceps workout for weeks at a time. They're equally effective in straight sets, supersets or giant sets.


     Monday Seated Cambered Bar French Curls 
     Seated Dumbbell Extensions
     Close Grip Bench Press
     Lying Cambered Bar Extensions
     Tricep Dips
     Straight Bar French Curls
     12 4

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    People in this conversation

    • Guest (Martin )

      Im going to try this out for some weeks, and I\'ll come back with my \"results\" of the exercise, I got a rather \"big\" bicep, but it looks completely dumb with no tricep :(
      Catch ya later.

    • Guest (Martin )

      Im going to try this out for some weeks, and I\'ll come back with my \"results\" of the exercise, I got a rather \"big\" bicep, but it looks completely dumb with no tricep :(
      Catch ya later.

    • Guest (Stevie)

      I find that i get results in every muscle but struggle to further develop my triceps..we will see if this works dude!

    • Guest (Ben)

      Hey Reuben!

      Have to admit your workout does work! Been doing it for the last month and a half and I\'ve seen awesome results, my triceps are much larger then they were before!

      Thanks a lot!


    • Guest (Matt)

      I have been trying everything to lose the manboobs. Bench presses, fly\'s etc.. HELP what else do I need to do. I love all of your articles and I am doing the tri workout and they are working great.

    • Guest (Matt)


    • Guest (ReubenBajada)

      [quote=Matt]I have been trying everything to lose the manboobs. Bench presses, fly\'s etc.. HELP what else do I need to do. I love all of your articles and I am doing the tri workout and they are working great.

      Matt, manboobs are a build up of fat stores over your pectoral region. Doing heavy resistance training IS NOT the best way to convert those fat stores into an energy source and ultimately reduce their size and appearance.

      Step up your cardio routine to include at least 4 - 20-25 minute high intensity sessions working at a heart rate of 75-80% max for that period.

      Time your energy in from the foods you eat around when you are working out, you don\'t want a huge supply of slow burning glucose from complex carbs in your system or else the need to burn fat stores won\'t be called upon.


    • Guest (Adam)

      I need some help with the size difference in my triceps. I use dumbells for near everything involving the triceps, but for some reason my left arm lacks the size my right arm does. Any suggestions?

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