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    How to increase your bench press strength

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    "So mate, how much do you bench?"

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question, I'd be a cleaning my teeth with a golden toothbrush! It seems that the obsession with the barbell bench press has been around forever.

    Although there are many aspects of training, such as cardiovascular, flexibility, and nutrition, it's still the most frequently asked question in gyms across the country. I consulted with a legend of the sport, Joe DeFranco, about the bench press.

    Joe, has won three national powerlifting titles and once bench-pressed 440 pounds when he weighed only 216. We compiled a top 10 list of training tips that are guaranteed to improve anyone's bench press.

    1) Train the triceps. If you want to bench more, strengthen your triceps. This doesn't mean having to do set after set of push-downs, kick-backs, and other "shaping" exercises. Training your triceps for a better bench involves heavy barbell and dumbbell extensions and close-grip pressing movements.

    2) Don't neglect your back. Think of your upper back as the launching pad to a better bench. A barrel chest and strong triceps are worthless if your upper back is weak.

    3) Perform low-rep warm-up sets. Most people perform too many reps in their warm-up sets. This fatigues your muscles before you reach your work sets. Following is a sample warm-up for someone about to attempt a 300-pound bench press: 95 pounds, five reps; 135 pounds, five reps; 185 pounds, four reps; 225 pounds, two reps; 265 pounds, one rep; 285 pounds, one rep.

    4) Rest between sets. If your main goal is to lift heavy weight, allow adequate recovery time between sets. Three to four minutes is recommended between heavy sets. The goal is to get stronger, not tired.

    5) Push the bar in a straight line. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So if you want to push up a bar-bending load of plates, choose the shortest distance.

    6) Keep the elbows tucked to keep the bar directly above the wrists and elbows. This is probably the most important aspect of pressing technique. The elbows must be tucked at your sides to keep the bar in a straight line. You also can generate far more force with your elbows tucked instead of out.

    7) Land the bar on your lower chest or upper abdominals. This is an old trick to reduce the distance the bar has to travel. This also is the only way to maintain the barbell-to-elbow position described in No. 6.

    8) Take a deep breath and hold it. Greater strength and stability can be achieved in all lifts when you learn how to draw air into your belly and hold it. This is called the Valsalva maneuver. Studies have proven that the body recruits more motor units (bundles of muscle fiber) and is stronger when performing the maneuver. (Caution: This causes blood pressure to rise and then fall quickly. It should be performed only by healthy individuals during activities that last fewer than five seconds.)

    9) Train with compensatory acceleration. This means to push the bar off your chest as fast as you can. Many people get stuck when the bar is 4 to 6 inches off the chest. This is called a sticking point. One way to overcome this is with speed. If you move the bar faster up to that point, you will be able to blast through the sticking point.

    Take a break. At any gym, you'll see lines at the bench press station resembling those at lottery machines when a big drawing looms. Variety is the key to progress. Take a couple weeks off from barbell bench-pressing. During this time, work on your weak points. After addressing these weaknesses, test your bench press again. You'll be amazed at the progress you make without performing the bench press :)

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    Even more chest training information!

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    • Guest (Joni)

      I jhave been bodybuilding already for over 1 year. I have got results and I\'m keeping progress, but now I would like to start training to truly increase my bench press, with low reps. Is this ok for my age? (=

    • Guest (hemanth)

      i am 29 years old ..i have a good body structure but a little fat on abs i want to reduce that and continue my carrier...plz suggest me ..


    • Guest (Jesse)

      How many sets of 20 - 30 wrist curls should i do?

    • Guest (sunil)

      i\'ve been doing weight exercise since last 5 years. i workout 4 days a week and 3 days light cardio. my bicep is 13 inch and chest 39 inch. in our country rice,lentil and vegitable is used for both lunch and dinner. i\'m taking soya powder for protein. please help me how can i make my bicep 15 inch and chest about 45 inch. i lift 60 kg for 5 reps only. suggest me for good nutrition and proper routine to develope my muscle. i cannot afford so called mega mass or whey protein

    • Guest (Jan)

      How do you work on your weak points??
      Nice article by the way!

    • Guest (Csaba)

      I\'m not sure I did understand point 8 there. So you actualy have to keep in the air while pushing? Or you just have to breath \"to the stomach\"?
      At least I know i did point 3 very bad...
      And also wanted to ask (in the shadow of point 10): how much a beginner should mix up the exercises? I mostly separeted them to two days: day1: push (like benchpress) day2: cross (flyes)
      If you could hit me with a short pm, that would be awsome. (if just sent linkes to read that\'s totaly enough for me)

    • Guest (Semen)

      What for are necessary push ups if there is a bench press?

    • Guest (big rob)

      great article. i am 15 and have been lifting for 3 years. i weigh 230 on a good day and can bench 330. i am 13% body fat. is this good for my age?

    • Guest (kyle habib)

      I am 15 weigh 155 and bench 335 is that close to world record or what? nobody has even came close to ever beating me as far as I know.

    • Guest (John O'Brien)

      I'm 18, 5'7", weigh 150-155 and am currently benching 235lbs. I'm taking this poly-peptide protein activator a doctor made up for me thats been tested on pro bodybuilders. My goal is to bench 315lbs by christmas, I've been taking this supplement for only a week and went up 10lbs on bench but I wanted to know if there are any good chest workouts to do to help me achieve my goal (besides the normal bench, incline, decline, and negative)

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